Glencoe Elementary PTA

The Glencoe PTA strives to strengthen the family-school-community partnership by providing opportunities to be involved in the education, health, and well being of children in our community.

Studies show that family and public involvement are essential to the successful education of our children. The Glencoe PTA welcomes all families, staff, and community members to help ensure the educational success of all children. We believe this work happens when we center diversity, equity, and inclusion in our discussions, decisions, and actions.


Join the PTA!

A first step in getting involved is joining the PTA – it's a great place to share ideas, enthusiasm, and expertise. Please consider attending the next PTA meeting!

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What is Konstella and why should you use it?

Konstella functions as both a school directory and a communications platform. If you want to send a message to all the families in your child's class, Konstella is where you go. Participation in Konstella is voluntary but in order to work effectively as a school directory, parents need to sign up. Once you sign up, you can limit the info you receive from Konstella. You will need to place your child in their classroom. See the Konstella Cheat Sheet for how to join a classroom if you need help. The website is more functional than the app.  

What's the difference between the PTA and the Glencoe Foundation?